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At Pioneer Investments, we harness visionary strategies and innovative solutions to drive growth and create lasting value for our investors.


How Pioneer Invests

Customized Strategies

We develop tailored investment strategies to achieve each client's unique financial goals through market expertise and personalized financial instruments.

Asset Management

Our experienced professionals manage assets across various sectors, ensuring optimized performance and effective risk management.

Private Placements

Specializing in private placement programs, we offer high-yield opportunities through due diligence and a strong network of financial partners.

Proprietary Trading

Using proprietary trading techniques, we engage in mortgage programs to capitalize on market inefficiencies, maximizing profits with a balanced risk profile.


The Leadership

Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Al Mazrouei

CHAIRMAN A California State University graduate in Business Administration, Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Al Mazrouei has over 40 years of experience in aviation as well as in the government and private sectors. He is also an entrepreneur, bringing a wealth of knowledge and an extensive network of connections to his roles.

Mr. Samer S.

DIRECTOR GENERAL With over 25 years of experience in the investment industry, Mr. Samer S. Massalkhi has excelled in planning, designing, launching, and driving revenue. His comprehensive expertise and leadership skills have significantly contributed to the success of numerous investment ventures.

Mr. Sameh El-Manzalawy Abdel Aziz

LEGAL ADVISOR Sameh El-Manzalawy Abdel Aziz is a highly experienced legal consultant with over 14 years of dedicated service within the UAE legal system.


Innovative Ventures

Discover our latest projects that are transforming industries and communities.



Our investment project is Europe’s first integrated intermodal network, revolutionizing overland transport. This innovative system allows pan-European customers to transfer road shipments to rail, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 75%, offering daily door-to-door service, real-time tracking, and enhanced security, while ensuring cost-effective and efficient logistics.


The Green Building program

Our investment project is led by a company specializing in residential and non-residential sectors. With extensive experience, this project emphasizes sustainable growth, innovative construction methods, and international reach. It offers comprehensive solutions in logistics, industrial, retail, and office developments, ensuring high efficiency and environmental responsibility.


Cornubia Industrial City in South Africa

Our investment project in Cornubia Industrial City, South Africa, is all about fostering innovation and driving economic growth in the region. Strategically located near Durban, this cutting-edge industrial hub is set to support a variety of sectors, from logistics and manufacturing to commercial enterprises. This exciting venture highlights our commitment to leading industrial development and promoting sustainable infrastructure for a brighter future.


Leading Solar PV Solutions

Our investment project involves a top-tier player in the solar PV industry, specializing in utility-size solar power plants, off-grid solutions, and grid stabilization systems. With over 850 MWp installed globally, this project ensures high-quality, sustainable energy solutions, offering comprehensive services from evaluation to operation, with a strong international presence.


Strategic Partners


Nexor is at the leading-edge of South Africa’s, and Africa’s Built Environment service delivery.

Trust ACCS

Accounting, Tax, Audit, Business and Management firm in Abu Dhabi, UAE


Lever has been catering to the tiling and tiling services needs of the thriving construction, real estate etc.


A comprehensive service provider offering a wide range of administrative, healthcare, and investment solutions.


EightySix Media develops brands from scratch and boost existing brands to reach a higher online presence.

Committed to
UAE Vision 2030

Pioneer Investments is proud to contribute to the UAE’s Vision 2030, a strategic plan aimed at creating a diversified and sustainable economy. Our investments align with the national objectives of innovation, sustainability, and economic resilience, driving forward the nation’s ambitious goals.

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